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Build Your Martial Arts Rank Belt Display Rack Below by first choosing the wood species and use the drop down to let us know which you want.




Add customization by selecting Kicker, Name and/or Logo and extra belt slats.

Rank Belt Display Rack with 12 slats and 24 black elastic bands to hold the belts and mounting hardware to hang on wall.

Carved Single Kicker on upper board of display Rack. Ready to ship in 5 days.

Name up to 26 characters carved into the lower board of the display rack. Ready to ship in 5 days.

Order as many extra belt slats as needed in addition to the 12 included with the unit. They will be installed and 2 elastic bands are included for each.

Custom logo carved into upper board and name up to 26 characters carved into lower board of display rack. *Copyright release required from logo owner. Ready to ship in about 10 days

Product description here

No Rank Belts are included!

Shipping will be added in cart.

Allow 5 days for customized items to be ready to ship.  

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