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Respect all ranks as they were an essential part of your journey to achieving your goal!

Martial Arts Rank Belt Display Racks

Display your hard earned belts on one of these beautiful Asian Architecture inspired belt racks. Now available in your choice of solid wood with a hand rubbed oil finish. The belts are folded as when new and held to each of the 12 included slats with black elastic bands. Additional slats can be added at your request or once received you can easily remove unneeded pieces. Mounting hardware is included for hanging it on your wall. Rank Belt Display Measures 22" wide by 34" tall. Trophy Shelf/Rank Belt Displays measure 27" wide by about 30" tall. Weapons Holder and Current Rank Belt Holder options will add about 4". These items can be customized with a kicker and/or name Computer Control Carved into the wood. The kicker may be replaced with a custom logo with written release from copyright owner. Logo must meet capabilities of my machines but I will do the best I can to make it work. Allow 5 days to complete unit with name and/or kicker and 10 days for custom logo. Shipping time will vary with your location.

No Rank Belts or weapons are included with the displays!

Martial Arts Trophy Shelf/Belt Display Rack

Put your Belts, Trophies and other awards in one place with one of these units. A slight Asian inspired look allows them to fit with most decors. They are available in solid Maple, Red Oak, Mahogany, Walnut, Cherry and Poplar. You can chose one with a hand rubbed oil finish or bare wood ready to accept your finish. Poplar comes bare wood for your paint or in Black enamel with gold trim to give the Asian Black Lacquer look. Each comes with 12 slats and 24 elastic bands to hold 12 Martial Arts Belts but more can be added.

The Shelf/Belt Racks are mounted to the wall on a simple wood Bracket. This system provides you with an easy and extremely secure installation.

Belts are held on slats with black elastic bands

Weapon and Accessories Holder

This add on must be ordered with your Trophy Shelf Belt Display Rack so that I can install it. The holder will be in the same wood species and style as the belt rack. It will hold your current Rank Belt on a shelf so it is easy to display and still use every day. Your weapons such as nun-chucks escrima sticks, swords and others can also be stored and displayed.

These units can only be added by me so order below to include it with your purchase.

Wood Pegs to Hang Medals

Now you can add 2 wood pegs to hang neck ribbon medals that you earn. The pegs are made from the same piece of wood as the display so that the match properly. they will be positioned to the out side of the name if personalized and between the name and Kickers if both are carved. They will be put on the Weapons Holder if it is purchased so the medals do not interfere with the holder. These must be purchased with the belt display so order right.

No Rank Belts are included!

Allow 5 days for customized items to be ready to ship.

Shipping cost will be added to cart.

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