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More Products Available

These items are made when order. I can not stock everything that I can build so please send a message through the Contact Us page for availability or request a custom item you have not found. Cart available items should ship within 10 days after purchase.

Custom Carved

Treasure Box

Have a special place for all those little things. These CNC carved boxes start with solid oak 1/2 inch thick finger jointed sides. The joints are further reinforced with a wood pin placed down through the fingers at each corner. The bottom is fitted into dado joints on all four sides trapping it in place. The lid is 3/4 inch thick Red Oak held on with brass hinges. The standard size out side dimensions are about 12" wide X 5.5" deep X 4.5" high. The inside is 11"wide X 4" deep X 3" high. With the CNC technology I can personalize the item such as the Scout box where the Scouts name can be placed on the lid. The Cub Scout or Boy Scout Motto can be placed on the front side. The number of other designs such as the eagle are endless so choosing one is the most difficult task.

Custom sizes and designs available with quote for cost.

Custom Carved Box

Red Oak finger jointed box 12 x 5.5 x 4.5 inches with carving on top or front. Make sure you send a message with information or design to be carved. If it is a design not seen on this website please add the additional "Custom Pattern" amount as well.

Additional Carving on Box

Add carving to a second spot such as top, front or side.

Price: $10.00

Custom Pattern

Find a custom design that you like and I will do my best to provide it.

F&F Gaming Tower

These units are hand crafted of Red Oak with an Oil finish allowing the natural wood to show through and come to you fully assembled. With the standard tower 20 games can be stored on the 2 upper shelves and the console fits in the bottom center area which has an open back for wire connections and ventilation. There is room for the Wii and either the PS3 or Xbox to be in the tower together. Compartments on each side at the bottom are great for holding other accessories such as steering wheels, golf clubs, rackets or wired controllers. There is a bracket on the left side capable of holding 1 or 2 of the gaming guitars of any brand. The top will be installed to your order to fit 4 Wii remotes and 4 Nun chucks or 4 X Box controllers. If you plan to have 2 systems together there is a top to hold 2 Wii remotes and 2 of the other controllers. If you have all 3 systems the F & F Triple Wide Game Tower will hold them all with 2 controllers for each system. These units are well constructed to stand up to normal use. I have spent many hours designing and redesigning to include the features you want. The Wii chucks and remotes can be put into their holders even while connected. The remote will also fit with the rubber cover on or off. The F & F Gaming Tower stands 34 inches tall by 11.25 inches deep and the base is 16 inches wide to keep it stable.

DVD or Video Game

Stack-able Storage

Store DVD's or Video Games where you need them. These boxes are simple and versatile. They can stand on there own as a single unit or can stack as high as you dare. The bottom slats of each interlock with the top of the one below it. These units have Walnut sides with Birch slats. each box will hold 20 DVD's. They are tall enough for the standard DVD, Xbox, or Wii case and can also hold the shorter Blue Ray or PS3 Cases. Each box is 13 inches wide, 7 3/4 inches high and 5 1/4 inches deep.

Two Door Collectors Shadow Box with Top Shelf

 You can store your collection behind glass for protection from dust. Made of Red Oak with a natural oil finish, this shadow box display case is done in the craftsman style with a south western flare. Doors allow easy access to add to or change the displayed items. Ten shelves are included with shelf pegs that can be set 2 inches apart. The case is divided in half so the shelves can be set differently on each side to accommodate various items. The shelves are 1 1/4th inch deep and 11 1/4th inches long. Each side of the unit is 11 1/4th inches wide by 13 1/4th inches high. The display case is 29 inches wide by 23 inches tall and 3 inches deep. 

Night Stand

or Side Table

with 2 Drawers

This 2 drawer table is the right height to be a night stand for your bedroom or will work as a side table in the living room. The unit pictured is solid Maple with a Colonial Maple Stain to darken it slightly. The dimensions are 22 inches wide, 24 inches high and 19 inches deep. The drawers are 17 inches wide with the top drawer 1 1/2 inches deep and the lower drawer 2 inches deep. 

I have other sized tables made or planned with the dimensions being variable. If you have a particular size in mind please contact me and together we can create just what you need

Recipe Box with Flip Up Holder

Built to hold up to 500 3X5 Recipe Cards inside, this little box helps out by also displaying the recipe you are making where you can see it and it can stay clean and dry. The Red Oak box has the word RECIPES CNC carved onto the front of the box and a hasp is provided to keep it securely closed. 100 Lined Cards and 10 Tabbed Dividers are also included to get you started.

We carry a wide range of products to suit a variety of budgets and tastes. Our most popular products are shown. Please call or use the Contact Us page for more information on products, current promotions and custom options.

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